Benefits of a Corporate Identity Guide

A Style Guide Serves as a Roadmap for Corporate Communications

A corporate identity guide provides guidelines for providing consistent communications and visual design for all materials produced by a corporation.

A corporate identity guide serves as a reference for employees, designers and writers to use when developing communication materials for a corporation. The guide typically contains rules for logos, page layout, advertising, appropriate color use, layout examples and guidelines on the copy style and tone that should be used in communication materials. Although used primarily by large corporations, a corporate style guide can be a useful tool for creating consistent communication for businesses of any size.

Why a Corporate Identity Guide is Useful?

A corporate identity guide is an essential tool for any business that wants to provide consistent communication across all channels of their business. The style guide provides writers and designers guidelines to use when creating corporate communication materials so the pieces fit into the specific look and style established by the corporation. It serves as a roadmap for employees, outside agencies and consultants working on behalf of the company to use to develop materials for a corporation.

A corporate branding guide often covers various aspects of the business. Style guides often contain rules for designing signs, point-of-sale items, brochures, web sites, newsletters, and other corporate communication materials. A branding guide may also include details on employee uniform design and internal communications.

A corporate identity guide provides insight into the corporation’s culture and style and helps designers and writers work within those specific guidelines. A style guide is also useful when there has been a change in staff in the internal creative department, public relations or marketing groups. The branding manual helps all individuals within the business remain clear on the style and look business communications should follow.

How to Create a Corporate Identity Guide

Many advertising and marketing agencies can help corporations develop a corporate identity guide. However, with a little effort, a branding manual can be put together in-house.

A basic style guide can easily be put together with basic software such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Organize the style guide by visual design and copy tone. In the visual design section, provide basic rules for logo use and colors. Provide examples of inappropriate use as well. Include all the information you would need to communicate to an outside designer to conform to the established corporate identity.

In the copy section, include information about trademarks, specific phrases, headlines used in various marketing materials and advertisements. Provide guidelines regarding the language used in both formal and informal documents and any other information that would help a writer write in the appropriate style and tone of the corporation.

A corporate identity guide can help businesses of all sizes provide consistent communications across all channels of their business. The style guide provides essential information for designers and writers to reference so the work they complete conforms to a pre-established corporate identity.


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