About Us

BPCouncil, a member of the BPIntelligroup and operating in partnership with Comtech Land SARL, strives to provide leading brand protection and intellectual property professionals with an independent platform to help them exchange information, resources, and best practices – as well as build social networks.


The BPCouncil’s mission is to enable a vibrant meeting place for brand owners, professional services providers, technology vendors, enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies. Being part of this dynamic virtual community will enable you to get direct access to up-to-date information and resources…develop a solid social and professional network…and build a strong presence in the Internet-based brand protection world.

BPIntelligroup leadership has provided brand owners with diverse and effective brand protection services for over a decade. Its multidisciplinary teams – representing dozens of years of professional experience in a variety of fields – include intelligence community veterans, market survey specialists, legal professionals, international traders in FCMG/Luxury goods and tobacco industry veterans.

In addition to protecting the IP rights and assets of its client base of leading multinationals, the BPIntelligroup also develops innovative and far-reaching brand protection solutions addressing all facets of the IP spectrum.

The members of the BPIntelligroup include MSIntelligence, World intelligenceservices, and the independent BPCouncil.