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<March 2009>
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IP Americas Edition: Caribbean – JIPO Helps Jamaica Tap Its IP Potential


For Jamaica, home of reggae music, jerk sauces, Blue Mountain coffee, and other commercial assets, appreciation of intellectual property and its financial value is a job that's still to be done. The Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) is helping.

  • Jamaica's unique commercial assets make the country almost a brand unto itself.
  • Jamaica has to increase awareness of IP concepts and how to turn intellectual property into a competitive advantage.
  •  JIPO acts to develop and protect intellectual property rights in Jamaica with programs to help businesses maximize their IP assets.
One can say that Jamaica with its vibrant music, traditional products and unique style is a brand unto itself. However, it's still quite a ways from bridging the gap between awareness of its intellectual property assets and turning these assets into competitive advantage for the country. One of the organizations paving the way towards that goal is the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office.

JIPO undertakes activities to develop and protect intellectual property rights in Jamaica to facilitate business competitiveness. Established in 2001, JIPO streamlines, modernizes and provides a focal point for the administration of both industrial property and copyright and related rights - administering IP systems such as the registration of trade marks, industrial designs and geographical indications, copyright and related rights, and the patent system, new plant varieties and layout-designs (topographies), among others.

JIPO's goals include:
  • Contributing to national economic growth and development through the proper protection, administration and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
  • Providing Jamaican creators, investors, and commercial enterprises, as well as foreign rights holders with modern and comprehensive procedures and facilities for the protection of their IPRs
  • Facilitating an international level of IP protection for Jamaican rights holders
  • Increasing public awareness on the importance and economic value of IPRs and the end need for the protection of these rights
  • Improving the IP system in light of new technologies and globalization of trade, through the modernization of the laws and participation in relevant international treaties and agreements
The services offered by JIPO are geared towards individual creators and innovators, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations and institutions to enhance their capacity for wealth creation through the acquisition and maintenance of IPRs. Its activities include:
  • An ongoing Public Education Program in collaboration with public and private sector interest groups
  • Making recommendations to the government on technical aspects of IPRs and cross-sector issues relating to ip such as: international trade, e-commerce, bio-diversity, science and technology and environmental management
  • Facilitating training, human resource development and institutional strengthening in various aspects of IPRs and developing sector-specific projects in conjunction with other agencies and private sector entities
  • Administering laws relating to the conferment of or protection and administration of IPRs
  • Advising the Minister with portfolio responsibility for IP on matters relating to the administration of such laws 

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