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<January 2009>
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eToken Equals eSecurity


Aladdin, the information security leader known for its authentication, software DRM and content security technologies, has released the eToken PKI Client 5.0 – touting it as the wave of the future in password management solutions.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the basis for authentication, digital signatures and non-repudiation and, according to a statement by Aladdin, its newest version of the eToken PKI Client provides an enhanced framework for creating a secure method for exchanging information based on public key cryptography.

Aladdin's eToken product line, the world's leading USB-based authentication and password management solution, ensures that only authorized individuals can access an organization's sensitive information protecting sensitive data, lowering IT costs, and boosting user productivity. Scalable and easy to deploy and manage, eToken can strengthen VPN (virtual private network) security, protect data on laptops and PCs, provide reliable laptop encryption, enhance network access security, simplify password management, provide true single-sign on authentication, and more.

Making all this happen is the eToken PKI Client, the software that enables eToken USB operation and implements eToken PKI-based solutions making them highly secure, extremely convenient and portable (PKI keys can be easily and securely generated and stored on-board eToken smart card-based devices).

With the new generation eToken PKI Client 5.0, Aladdin takes the eToken solution to the forefront of encryption technologies providing users with new features, better user experience, and a preview of upcoming eToken products as Aladdin continues to produce robust new platforms to suit its customers' needs. eToken PKI Client 5.0's new access-securing features include:

  • Enhanced Password Complexity Module allowing users to determine password complexity (i.e. password strength/policy), improved management capabilities and ease-of use updates
  • An efficient way to manage permissions, enabling administrators to configure two different permissions sets - one for administrators and another for non-administration users. Permission for each item of the PKI Client's properties can be tagged separately for different level of users.
  • Built-in logging mechanism enabling advanced diagnostics and support. Users can also now delete stored data objects, such as certificates or SSO profiles, without entirely initializing the token.
  • Enhanced usability including smoother user access through domain password (Windows Logon) synchronization with the token password
  • Improved localization services (eToken PKI 5.0 supports a whole range of languages) to meet the needs of its growing global customer base

As Shlomi Yanai, vice president of the Authentication Business Unit at Aladdin Knowledge Systems, said, "Aladdin eToken PKI Client 5.0 will form the base of a new generation of Aladdin strong authentication solutions... [marking] the first step in our new range of solutions that will ensure we maintain our position as technological leaders in authentication and will enable our expansion into new markets, such as consumer authentication."

In today's dog-eat-dog business environment, protecting sensitive information is key to protecting a company's competitive advantage. And eToken PKI Client 5.0 may well prove that stronger security equals a stronger business.

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