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"As the leading global event that explores the business value of RFID technologies with the top players from the manufacturing, supply chain and IT industries, we are excited to be partnering with the BPCouncil. BPCouncil's truly rich internet experience including dynamic and useful content, and diverse Web 2.0 tools like the BPConnection networking tool is great for keeping business relationships developed at RFID ROI 2008 strong." 
- Laurence Allen, WTG, (RFID ROI 2008 organizer

The BPCouncil is anxious to hear about your organization's latest accomplishments. You are welcome to send your press releases to editor@bpcouncil.com.

Now, we would like to share with you a few of our own. Watch this space for the latest news about the BPCouncil.

BPCouncil News

September 2008
BPCouncil Enhances ViBs Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Lesson
BPCouncil Invites Authentication Connections Participants to
Extend their Conference Experience

BPCouncil works with PABS to bring Conference Participants
into the Brand Protection Loop

BPCouncil Director, Jodi Joseph, Chairs Global Patent Congress

July 2008
BPCouncil and WRG Bring the Key 32 Patent Speakers into Cyberspace
BPCouncil and the EPO Grow Business with Intellectual Property

June 2008
BPCouncil and SPG Media: Securing the Pharma Supply Chain

May 2008
BPCouncil Empowers IP Risk and Security
BPCouncil and IQPC turn Intellectual Property Green
BPCouncil brings a Virtual Dimension to the Packaging Summit

Apr. 2008
Couterfeiting: Deception...Counter-Deception
IPBA and the BPCouncil: Turning Many Borders into One Virtual World
BPCouncil and IQPC Examine Brand Protection Strategies
BPCouncil works with Science Media Partners to put Security and Identity onto
the Brand Protection Agenda

BPCouncil Crosses with the High Security Printing Industry

Mar. 2008
The BPCouncil and ASIP take the Battle against Counterfeit Across Time Zones and 

IQPC and BPCouncil take the Intellectual Property Discussion to Silicon Valley
BPCouncil Invites Members to Celebrate World IP Day - April 26
BPCouncil Welcomes ASIP to its Membership
IncreMental and BPCouncil: Turning IP into Profit
BPCouncil and Packagining World put the tools for Brand Integrity into a 
Neat Little Package

Feb. 2008
SMI and BPCouncil Partner to Figure out How Counterfeiters Think
LSI & BPCouncil Continue to Share Tips on Drafting Successful Patents
IP Lawyers Find Home at BPCouncil.com
BPCouncil Lanuches the BPStore
International Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies 2008
IQPC and BPCouncil work together to help Brand Owners Stay Competitive

Jan. 2008
Regional Experts on Innovations in Security Printing Solutions Meet 
Protecting Your Trademark & Copyright in Global Emerging Markets
BPCouncilFeatures Experts on Media Handling
BPCalendar: Your Virtual Datebook

Dec. 2007
RFID ROI The Business Case Behind the Technology 
BPCouncil Notes Launched - Unwrap our Luxury Good Issue
LSI & BPCouncil Sharing Tips on Drafting Successful Patents

Nov. 2007
BPCouncil Launches First Virtual Brand Protection Community 
The Brand Protection Battle Goes Virtual PISEC & BPCouncil


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