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BPCouncil Special Editions

March 2009 - IP Americas Edition
In the first of its quarterly editions on global intellectual property, BPCouncil focuses on the IP goings on in Canada, the US, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Is Latin America the new grey market capital of the world? Does Canada deserve to be in this year's Special 301 Priority Watch List? Will Mexico's anti-piracy efforts overcome a "culture of illegality?" What new content protection solutions are available in the US market? How can Jamaica tap the IP potential of its unique commercial assets? Get the answers to these and more in the special edition.

February 2009 - Celebrity IP Edition
In an age where media rules, so does celebrity - from eternal icons to the 15-minutes-of-fame-rs. This special edition illustrates the intellectual property issues impacting the rich and famous. See how licensing protects celebrities even in the afterlife. Find out why Albert Einstein's IP is the gift that keeps on giving. Discover why even celebrities are not immune from committing (alleged) IP crimes. Read all about celebrity cyber-squatting - and which technologies may possibly "evict" these IP violators. Finally, play a game and discover which celebrities are also inventors (and patent owners)!

January 2009 - Resolutions for a Stronger IP
This special edition uncovers new ways to meet the intellectual property challenges in the new year! IP licensors and licensees find out how to handle a bankruptcy filing by either licensing partner. Music rights holders discover RIAA's new strategy for fighting online piracy. Brand owners looking for anti-counterfeit technology get a reference guide of the most up-to-the-minute solutions. Companies seeking to control access to proprietary systems and information here are three new identity management technologies. Enforcement professionals find out what legal tools Argentina is adding to its brand protection arsenal.

December 2008 A Celebration of Intellectual Property Rights
Get some guidelines for avoiding infringement lawsuits when recording or duplicating Christmas songslearn how to avoid hazard-posing counterfeit Christmas lightsread all about another fake vodka seizure that may dampen the holiday "spirits" of UK drinkersfind stocking-filler ideas for the counterfeit-conscious...discover the advantages of a counterfeit-detector penand more!

November 2008 CyberIP: Protecting Intellectual Property on the Net
This BPSpecial edition takes a close look at the latest trends in online security threatsexplores the benefits of the latest identity theft enforcement legislationdescribes two advanced technologies for fighting online identity theftexamines the latest cybersquatting incidents and how brand owners can avoid being victimizedand recounts another law enforcement victory over cyber attackers.

October 2008 Prescriptions for Countering Counterfeit Drugs
When it comes to counterfeiting, the pharmaceutical industry is ground zero. This BPSpecial edition takes a close look at the special danger of illegal pharmacies on the Internetexamines the patentability of second medical use claimsdescribes three new weapons in pharmaceuticals' brand protection arsenalrecounts some success stories in Africa's fight against fake drugsopens the doors to a brand new anti-counterfeit laboratory in Franceand more!

September 2008 Inventions and IP: Why Protecting Ideas Matters
If necessity is the mother of invention, then intellectual property is its enabler. This BPSpecial Edition covers the latest IP issues and trends affecting inventions and inventors from an analysis of licensing as a way of turning patents to profitthe best ways to protect an inventionenforcement stories on foiling trade secret thievesthe ABCs of maximizing an idea's IP and business valueand the continuing debate on software invention patentability. Great information for inventors and those dealing with inventions.

August 2008 IP101: Lessons in University Intellectual Property
Universities and other institutions of learning are becoming the new battleground in the IP wars. This BPSpecial Edition takes you to campus, with stories on taking university IP from research lab to global marketplacefighting for GMAT's IP rights and integritybalancing intellectual property protection with academic freedomdetermining the rightful owners of patent rights to university inventionsensuring that infringement-curbing legislation doesn't cramp learning as welland more.

July 2008 Beijing 2008: Can IP Rights Compete?
New laws. Stricter enforcement. Cutting-edge technology. China is sparing no effort to reverse its rep as the counterfeit capital during its biggest national event. This week's BPSpecial features: Chinas strategy to beat ambush marketers, new regulations enacted to protect Olympic signs and symbols, the rise of RFID as the go-to technology for large-scale events, law enforcement success stories in putting Olympic counterfeiters out of business, a new ticket authentication systemand more.

June 2008 Smart Packaging = Smart IP Strategy
Despite the fact that not all brand owners are using or even considering security packaging technology, discover why today's facts and figures belie their thinking and prove one thing: that a smart IP strategy often starts with smart packaging. This week's BPSpecial covers: a new hard-to-fake, OVD-based anti-counterfeit technology, the USCBP operation that seized 2,000 AC/DC power adapters with fake UL markings, the Ferrero Rocher legal victory, the expense vs. investment security packaging debateand more.

May 2008 IP Plants the Seeds of Innovation
As counterfeiters go beyond fake software, handbags and DVDs to the seemingly innocuous world of agricultureas new agri-biotech inventions take agriculture to the cutting edgeIP rights in this area have never been more critical. In fact, they've become the focus of new authentication technologies, patent infringement lawsuits and vigorous geopolitical debates. This week's BPSpecial puts the spotlight on: the danger of illegal seeds, the Monsanto patent enforcement controversies, patenting agricultural biotechnology inventions, new technologies for fighting counterfeit seeds, the Bayer CropScience patent infringement lawsuitand more.

April 2008 Growing Your Green Intellectual Property
Discover new vistas in patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property concepts that have been opened by the green revolution. What happens when counterfeiters get a hold of your eco-friendly product? What's the UK's Intellectual Property Office doing to make sure green innovation starts young? How do patents measure the growth of green technology? Does the Green Dot trademark conflict open the floodgates for other green-related litigation? Finally, does "greenwashing" equal counterfeiting? Our BPSpecial on green intellectual property answers these questions and more.

March 2008 Scene Stealers: Why All the World's a Stage forPiracy!
Even before the big night, DVD screeners intended for Oscar voters were popping up all over file-sharing networks. BPCouncil takes you backstage into the world of entertainment piracy. Our stories range from Nielsen's latest anti-piracy web tool and Nintendo's aggressive anti-counterfeiting campaignto the EU proposal to extend copyright protection for sound recordings, the technologies behind Oscar piracy, and MPA's successful Operation Blackout initiativeand more!

February 2008 Will China's IP Fortunes Change?
One step forward, two steps back encapsulates China's efforts in redeeming its good name in the world of brand protection and intellectual property. Discover Microsoft's new anti-piracy system to protect China's software industry's IP rightsthe country's continually evolving copyright laws and their impactthe world's most wanted counterfeiter, new (encouraging) figures on China's electronic authentication marketthe continuing allure (and chutzpah) of Silk Streetand more!

January 2008 The Art of the Fake
In galleries, auction houses, online auction sites (and, can you believe, Costco?), there's a high surge in purchases of counterfeit art. Read about the famous "Bolton Forgers" who almost got away with ita new guide for artists and designers on how to protect their creative worknew technologies that can detect fakes through the oil painting pigmenthow Costco found itself a defendant in a counterfeit lawsuitand how various personalities, organizations and enforcement agencies are working to stem the tide of art fraud.

December 2007 Image Makers, Image Breakers: Luxury Goods Counterfeiting
Holidays: 'tis the season for givingand for booming counterfeit business!  Here's the lowdown on haute counterfeiting from the technologies to prevent it to the laws that can possibly reverse itfrom the steps taken by brand owners to the initiatives adopted by law enforcement. Most important, we'll tackle just why consumers' lust for counterfeit luxury goods continues to bolster the image breakers at the expense of the image makers.

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