Things your kids can do to help during the move

Moving to a new home in a new city certainly has the potential to create anxiety in kids.  And that’s completely understandable considering they’re leaving behind familiar faces and places.  The good news is, there are things you can do to help them through the transition. If they’re old enough, letting them lend a hand can help them feel like an important part of the process.  In fact, encouraging them to get involved might even help them feel less like they’re being forced to move away and more like they’re part of the decision. Consider including your kids in the following moving activities:


Planning – Why not take them house-hunting with you?  You can let them check out potential neighborhoods and schools and give their opinion on whether the house is a winner or a loser in their book.  Then once you’ve found a home, let them check out their room and help plan the layout and décor (seeing a picture works if a physical trip isn’t possible). This gives them a chance to begin imagining their new life. 


Checklists – Give each child a to-do list that includes some fun tasks along with some “must –do’s”.  Have them sort through the toys they don’t play with anymore or clothing they’ve out-grown and let them decide whether they want to donate or sell (if you’re planning a garage sale).  Make sure to assign age-appropriate tasks.


Packing – If they’re old enough, let them pack their own room. But before they start, show them how to properly sort through their things, wrap, pack and label each box.  You’ll probably have to help them through a few, but once they get the hang of it, it could make things fun for them.  They’ll have a sense of where their things are located and where they’re going.  Make it more fun by inviting their friends over to help and have a packing party— complete with pizza!


Garage Sale – If you’re having a garage sale, have the kids make flyers and post them around the neighborhood.  Allow them to help put price tags on the items and help with customers on garage-sale day.  You might even let them keep the proceeds from any of their own items that sell.


Moving Day – If your kids are old enough to stay home on moving day, let them help out (if they’re too young, I recommend asking friends or family to watch them on moving day).  Once everything is packed, ask them to check the yard for trash, check for leftover boxes to recycle etc.  If you have pets, allow your children to take care of them during the move— walk the dog, feed and water them, etc.


Helping your kids feel like they’re contributing to the moving process goes a long way in helping them feel good about the move.  What ways did your kids help on moving day?


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