How to order a web or print reprint of the published content
BPCouncil editorial reprints will add a dynamic dimension to your organization’s marketing and communication activities.
Our reprints are attractively and professionally produced to complement your existing marketing materials. Reprints can be customized to showcase your organization’s logo and contact information.
While there is a cost associated with reprints, organizations are welcome to link to our content, free of charge. (Please see our linking policy.) The BPCouncil reserves the right to withdraw permission for any link and requests that you not link to our content for any impermissible purpose on in a manner that suggests the BPCouncil endorses or promotes your website without our expressed written permission.
Non-profit organizations, NGOs, governing bodies, enforcement agencies, and educational institutions are provided with reprint services free of charge.
If you would like permission to use any specific BPCouncil content, please use the contact form. Be sure to include:
  • Title of the piece
  • Author or Website Section
  • URL when possible
  • The specific purpose of the reprint
  • The approximate number of distribution copies
  • Format of distribution – i.e., print, pdf