Leadership Assessment

Before a leader can begin honing their leadership skills and abilities, they need to know where to concentrate their energies. Once each leader knows where they’re strong and weak with respect to key leadership skills, they can begin a process of leveraging their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. 

Based on one of the largest leadership studies in two decades, it is known that those areas are critical to leadership success. Using a survey methodology, the assessment measures the qualities and skills necessary for breakthrough success, and evaluates the effectiveness of the organizational context in which a leader operates.

Among the key leadership skills evaluated in the assessment are as follows.

  • Right Person, Right Place, Right Now! Exceptional leaders know they will have to assemble and align the right collection of talent to face the challenges that lie ahead. The Leadership We need to measure how well leaders are able to invest their available human capital to maximize individual, team and organizational success.
  • Cut Through the Noise. The best leaders understand that chaos and “noise” rise in tandem with volatility, undermining a leader’s ability to communicate. Notice how well leaders cut through the noise with effective communication to implement their strategies for success.
  • Negotiate Through Consensus. Great negotiators create solutions more powerful and effective than anything that parties to the negotiation could have achieved individually. 
  • Outposition Your Competitors. In a rapidly changing business environment, competition intensifies and resources grow scarce. Pay attention to how well leaders uncover, build and leverage personal and organizational competitive advantages.
  • Partner With Customers. Now, more than ever, customer satisfaction and retention are key to success. How well leaders plug into that power source to drive current and future revenues.
  • Heal the Wounds of Change. Successful leaders demonstrate a keen awareness of human suffering in all of its forms and an ability to reduce suffering by refocusing energies on the healing process. How well leaders key into healing challenges and begin the healing process.

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