Enjoy Being A War Hero When You Play Mobile Strike Game

With the features and available resources Mobile Strike is the best game currently in the market. It is exceedingly enjoyable, engrossing and a wonderful way to keep you engaged in your leisure time. This is a MMO strategy game featuring in extensive base building and fortification for military war. You can feel like you are actually in a war field with the gripping features in the game. Using the effective resources supplied you can fight against millions of other players and win the Head of State title easily granting protection to allies and creating obstacles for your enemies

Basic Features Of The Game

To keep you safe throughout the war you must make yourself war ready. For this you first have to understand the various useful key features of the game. Construction of a base – This will require you to build various buildings, upgrade them as well as protect them comprehensively from enemy attacks.  It is essential to progress further with the game by being on top of the ranking board. Commander customization – Next important you must do is to customize your commander so that you can spend talent points of them according to your style of play and choice. Equipment utilization – This is very necessary as you can convert the various materials you receive from the crates in to a various crafted weapons and arsenal. This will help you to equip your commander accordingly for the enhancement of their stats.


Some Other Useful Features


There are some other useful mobile strike hacks in the game unlike others. These features give you an edge over others and provide additional leverage to win the war. Player alliances – You can use this effective feature if you find like-minded players. The game allows you to team up with them who will help you in need. Lend and take a helping hand to rise up in the PVP ladder. Built-in translator – As the game can be played with players across the world it is necessary to understand and chat with them for effective strategy making. Use this innovative feature to translate their language in to your chosen version.


Helpful Tips Provided

Along with the striking features Mobile Strike game also provides you with adequate support to win the game. All the steps and information about the resources are explicitly explained for your understanding and help you to progress further. Use the tutorial – You will be provided with a step by step guide to construct your buildings, train and even heal your troops. Use your shield – For your protection you will be given a peace shield to protect yourself. Use resources well – Oil, food, iron, stones and silver are the resources available. You will need them to research for new technologies, get better weapons and upgrading your building. Use it wisely and see that you have sufficient place to store them as well.

So Much To Do

As Mobile Strike is a multiplayer game you can enjoy it to a great extent. You have to do so many things at a time that you will be left busy always without understanding how your leisure time flew. Performing core or alliance missions and daily tasks will keep you busy all the time. Constant accessing of icons, timers and notifications will keep you hooked to the game.

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