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Who has read the comics: Adventures of Cool Aid Man? It’s kinda creepy, imagining there was once a superhero flavored drink mix vigilante, walking around to save the day. Glad that was fantasy! Now tell me what these 80’s comics have in common: Marvel Contest of Champions Hack, Secret Wars, Spiderman, The Monster Frankenstein, Conan the Barbarian, Avengers, Dare Devil, Alpha Flight etc. They are all Marvel comics. And like the Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats we are about to discuss, some of the above mentioned comics have game counterparts as well.

It only shows that the fun that we get from the comics and movies, extend to the computer and mobile arenas. In fact, with the use of marvel contest of champions hack, it is more adrenaline pumping in the games as you first hand button mash your enemies to oblivion (die die die!!!). Good news is that the control for fighting games aren’t that complex. It’s not just about attacking, but avoiding as much damage as possible. So one how to hack Marvel Contest of Champions trick is a good defense. So planning your fights and practicing your dodges helps. Remember also that your champions don’t recover between fights, so bring potions and use them wisely.


Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats and Reaps

Gathering a lot of level 2 up heroes is also a good Marvel Contest of champions hack. Because level 1 troops aren’t strong enough even if you level them up.  You will just was precious crystals, units and HP on them. But it is NOT advisable to sell them. In fact do not sell lower ranking troops, you will need them in some matches. Plus you can also use them to max out the crystals in the arena.

Practice your blockings. In the game, even if you are doing a series attacks, your opponent can still attack you while you are in the middle of a chain combo. When this happens, it is best if you know how to block. This is a tricky Marvel Contest of champions cheats you would like to keep. It is very handy to use in mix battles.

Keep an eye on the Special meter before making any moves. Most heroes have several special attacks, but your meter needs to fill twice when using the 2nd attack, and 3 times when doing a 3rd attack. So clicking on your unfilled meter before it changes color, will use all of your collected meter. In this even, it can be good to use a special attack, if you are not going to wait for the next one. Timing is really essential with regards how to hack Marvel Contest of champions. Because you will just waste time and will need to wait again for the meter to start.

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How to hack Marvel contest of Champions?

.A neat marvel champions hack is to not buy the expensive crystals, just to get new higher heroes. You can easily  upgrade heroes using ISO-8. The more you play, the more ISO-8  you collect. So save your credits for a better use


Always mix your attacks, that is the Marvel contest of Champions cheats that winning matches use. Combined the right mix of light, medium and heavy attacks and you will be hard to beat.  Some how to hack Marvel contest of Champions hints include, holding your gadget with both hands, practice one on one quick matches, and tap + hold your opponent when he is blocking to create a HEAVY ATTACK.


Other winning Marvel contest of Champions hack attacks are cornering your opponents, use swift chain specials on strong enemies, being the first to attack as soon as the animation stops and using the map to know where the weak and strong opponents are.